Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Why Choose Vehicle Fitouts to Maximise Available Space in Your Vehicles?

Vehicle Fitouts

Those tradesmen who have invested in service vehicle will tell you that investing in service vehicles for trade or businesses is not as easy as it sounds. You can't simply buy shelves and expect them to fit like a 'T' without any alteration and alterations are a must to in a vehicle fitout to maximise available space in your vehicle.

There are many vehicle fitout options available in Australia. You can fit our service vehicles that are old or pre-owned and also service vehicles that are new. A good vehicle fitouts will meet the highly demanding needs of your business's requirements.

When you opt for a vehicle fitout to maximise available space in your vehicle, you can add additional external and internal lighting and for that little extra illumination, you can even put some LED strips on the floor – this is effective especially if your vehicle floor has built-in channels to move trolleys back and forth.

You can use vehicle fitout not just inside the vehicle but also on the outside too for example: Roof bars, racks, grab handles, ladder posts, rails, bazookas and tie downs. Internally you can add storage units and shelves or storage drawers. You can add cargo barriers too which are very important to separate passenger seating area from cargo area.

You choose vehicle fitouts to maximise available space in your vehicle because service vehicles are important assets that businesses and tradesmen use to maximise and achieve their business goals. A vehcile fitout to maximise business and personal efficiency makes awesome business sense which is why businesses and tradesmen choose vehicle fitouts to maximise available space in your vehicle. In Australia, the best place for a vehicle fitout without doubt is, Bars-n-racks here:

Bars-n-rack are not only famous all over Sydney, they are famous all over Australia too as the best vehicle fitout service. Bars-n-rack offers high quality van storage solutions and UTE shelving as well as vehicle accessories at the right price! When you purchase and install quality van shelving system at Bars-n-racks, it is not only a vital requirement; it is a smart investment too.

The primary reason business and tradesmen invest in vehicle fitouts is to maximise and organise their available vehicle space and to do so in a viable and safe manner without endangering either the passengers in the vehicle or the material being carried. With this in mind, the best Vehicle Fitouts and shelving system will have all your trade tools and equipment properly and securely stored. Proper storage avoids damage to equipment, stock, tools and also passengers that might be in the vehicle. A good fitout is required so you can organise your equipment and tools properly and get to your tools easily thus allowing you to work faster and more professionally. Visit Bars-n-rack at for the best Towbar Sydney in Australia.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Find Best Roof Mounted Bike Carrier For Your Car In Sydney

Roof Mounted Bike Carrier

Most folks prefer to transport their bikes on the roof and for good reason too – carrying the bikes on the roof means putting them out of the way so you don't have problem accessing the vehicle trunk space or having to tow something behind your vehicle. So allow us to help you find the best roof mounted bike carrier for your car in Sydney.

Putting your bike on the roof will require a bit of lifting and hoisting to get the bike to the top of your vehicle's roof. But the result of carrying the bikes on the vehicle roof is that you get to transport them securely without the bikes obstructing either the front or rare view of your vehicle. Also, you could carry your bike with the front wheel off or on – both versions of bike carriers are available. Here are your options:

A roof mounted bike carrier with lock, bike roof rack, bike rack – you can opt for a sturdy steel powder coated bike rack. Powder coated bike carriers are better at handling inclement weather conditions. Select a bike frame holder that holds the bike’s frame tightly in place but without the danger or adding scratches or dints. Cheap roof top bike carriers could effectively ruin your carbon frame bikes.

Some folks often find themselves having to struggle to remove their bike’s front wheel and then they have to get down and dirty trying to reassemble it when they've arrived at their destination. If you too feel it would be too cumbersome, opt for a roof mounted bike carrier with a bike frame holder that will secure your bike without you having to take off the front wheel. Ensure too that it has a locking feature so as to keep the bike(s) tightly in place while you might have to drive on rough roads. Also, choose from amongst roof mounted bike carriers that will accept bikes of any size.

Our article would not be complete if we failed to mention the best branded roof mounted bike carrier for your car in Sydney.

Yakima Forklift Fork Mount Rooftop Bike Rack – It has features that you as the customer asked for including – effortless installation and removal of the rack from your car as and when required. It can easily carry most bikes with disc brakes (you will be amazed how many roof mounted bike carriers can't do this). Thanks to a adjustable knob, the Hitch Mount Bike Rack has a rack skewer system that is easy to secure and lock. In fact, some of our customer's said they can do it with one hand. Also, the sliding wheel tray is easy to adjust – this makes positioning the rear wheel of your bike very easy. The most important thing is that the rack doesn’t come into contact with the paint job on your bike – so worries about dints and scratches.

Finally, you can view and buy your best 4WD Accessories Sydney for your car at the Bars-n-Racks shop here:

Monday, 30 October 2017

Thule Roof Racks: The Only Choice for Outdoor Enthusiast

Thule Roof Racks

For any outdoor enthusiast, selecting the right roof rack to buy can be a challenge. There are so many different sports they are involved in and so much gear they want to carry. This article helps solve your dilemma on making the right choice of roof racks for the outdoor enthusiast.

Kayaks, snowboards, snow skies, bikes, mountain bikes, camping gear, tents, water jars, portable gensets are some of things that any outdoor enthusiast loves to carry. These are essentials and there are things they might not use during a outing but will anyway carry it as an insurance – the power winch for instance or traction mats.

An outdoor enthusiast needs to carry all this gear and more. Therefore, the roof rack should not only be able to carry all this, it needs to do so securely. Ask any outdoor enthusiast which brand of roof racks they rely upon and the answer is always Thule.

The simple fact is, Thule car roof racks especially the pre-assembled roof racks give you a straightforward and simple choice. The way forward is to first select your vehicle’s make, year and model. Then choose the roof rack that best suits your requirement.

Each of Thule roof racks are sleek, have aerodynamic designed load bars and heavy-duty, functional systems that are practical. In fact, Thule roof racks are compatible with any holders – so there is no crimp on your outdoor passion – from bike racks to cargo carriers to kayak and surfboard holders. The Thule roof racks can take them all.

Basically, car roof racks from Thule give you convenience and choice so you can selected from their range of pre-assembled, all-in-one roof rack systems that are safe and secure. You even select amongst heavy-duty and aerodynamic load bars so you can add carriers to carry your outdoor gear be it kayaks, bikes, canoes, boards or whatever.

Thule roof racks are a only choice for outdoor enthusiast no matter what. With their range of pre-assembled car roof racks the outdoor enthusiast is closer to hitting the road and taking on new routes and adventures. You can even choose a style of Thule roof rack that matches the look of your vehicle.

You optionally also buy their square load bars of galvanised and plastic-coated steel – guaranteed to not put any scratches on your expensive carbon frame bikes. Thule also provides a fit kit so the roof rack you select will fit your car like it was custom designed for it.

Once you've fitted a Thule Roof Racks on your vehicle roof, you are all set to head off on your adventures and make sure you have everything you want with you. Thule also takes great pride in the fact that their roof racks are tested to the limit – and beyond and exceed Australian standards. So when you buy a Thule roof rack, you really know you have the best. Thule roof racks are truly the only choice for outdoor enthusiast.

Visit Bars-n-racks Sydney for all your Custom Roof Rack requirement. You can also visit their website here:

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Hayman Reese Towbars: Easy To Mount And Easy To Load On Your Vehicle

Hayman Reese Towbars

A tow is one the best ways to carry large or bulk material but most folks avoid opting for a tow under the assumption that it might be too much effort. In reality, the modern day towbar is super easy to mount and easy to load on your vehicle. Read on.

When I saw my neighbour Allan from across the street struggling to load a motor bike onto the bed of his truck, I went over to help him and it took our combined efforts to finally get the heavy BMW bike onto the truck. While we both sat on his porch with a can of beer in our hands, he wondered if there was a easier way of getting the bike onto the bed of his truck. I said “why not opt for a towbar instead” and he went “Naaah, that would be just as cumbersome”.

My uncle has a towbar installed on this 4x4 and believes me; it takes him less than a minute to mount it. Once mounted, he just wheels in his bikes and almost throws in a couple of kayaks. Two minutes or thereabouts and he is all ready to push off.

Here's how you select the right Towbar for your vehicle and by the way, the recommended brand is Hayman Reese.

The first rule of thumb is that the selected towbar must have a higher capacity than the loaded weight of the trailer you are intending to tow. You find this out by checking the rating of the towbar against your vehicles rated towing capacity (see towing section of the handbook).

Hayman Reese essentially has two types of towbars – Standard or light duty towbars with a capacity of up to 1250 Kg, and the heavy duty towbar. In either case, hitching and unhitching the towbars is a real breeze which is why Hayman Reese towbars are so popular – they are easy to mount and easy to load on your vehicle. When you open your vehicle's handbook, also look at two other figures found in the towing section of the book - trailer weight capacity and a trailer ball weight capacity. You can compare these figures with the information on the compliance plate that you will find on all Hayman Reese towbars.

If you have a lot of load to move around, you may notice that the trailer's ball weight is causing the back end of the vehicle to sag. This is easily rectified by using a weight distributing hitch – it will return your vehicle to its normal height and also help with braking and steering control.

My uncle actually has two hitches. One for carrying a full load and another mini hitch for lighter loads – like carrying just the two mountain bikes. The mini hitch fits easily onto the towbar tongue and the spring bars can be adjusted quickly.

Some folks have the notion that fitting a 4WD Tow Bars might void their new vehicle's warranty. Nothing could be further than the truth – provided of course, you do not exceed the vehicle's towing capacity.

The best place to buy your towbars is at Bars-n-racks, Sydney. Remember, Australian Standard AS4177-2 recommends that 50mm towballs. These can tow trailers up to 3.5 tonne. You can also visit for Whispbar Roof Racks Sydney and towing options.

Sunday, 22 October 2017

How To Choose The Right Yakima Roof Rack In Sydney?

Yakima Roof Rack

You know Yakima roof racks are the best but are not sure which model to buy – fear not, this article covers the base and provides you a definitive map on how to choose the right Yakima roof rack in Sydney.

You are right to be slightly confused. Yakima has several roof racks for ready use. Each of the Yakima roof racks is engineered for specific purpose and weight category. So, which Yakima roof rack you choose would depend upon what you intend to carry and also how much weight you intend to carry. So let us give you a bird’s eye-view of the main roof rack models in the Yakima stable. Remember, there is no “best” roof rack – they are all good; your choice should be governed by intended use.

The LOADWARRIOR – this amazing roof rack is very versatile and very rugged. As the model name suggests, this Yakima roof rack is a cargo basket that will haul just about anything you dump into it. No matter what gear you family or friends need to transport, you will find the Yakima LoadWarrior up to speed. So, whether you decide the carry just plain luggage i.e. suitcases, furniture or something more exotic like skis, bikes, boats and canoes your Loadwarrior will not let you down.

The Loadwarrior requires minimal assembly and so installation is a breeze (5 minutes or less). It will also accommodate most of Yakima gear mounts so you can enjoy your outdoor activities. The Yakima Loadwarrior is engineered from weather-resistant heavy-duty steel construction. You can also optionally add 18” and expand your cargo capacity by 40%.

Next, is the Yakima FATCAT 6 EVO – This is one of Yakima's sleekest and holds four snow boards or six pairs of fat skis or combination thereof. It also includes locks, and is just as easy to install as the Loadwarrior mentioned above.

The Yakima FatCat EVO includes the HangOver™ - patented clamp attachment point system that makes it easier to reach your snow boards or snow skis. The Yakima Fatcat EVO also has locks built in so you can transport your expensive sports gear without fear of it being stolen. The Yakima Fatcat EVO is available in mirror black finish that looks awesome on any vehicle roof.

The Yakima Roof Racks are aerodynamically designed and includes the DoubleJoint™ hinge system that expands for easy use with thick skis and boards. As mentioned earlier, it includes the HangOver™ clamp-mounting system with very large buttons so you don't have to take your mittens off. With the SmarT-Slot Kit, the Yakima FatCat EVO is also compatible with T-slot crossbars.

Ultimately, there are the very supportive and knowledgeable staffs at the Bars-n-racks outlet at Sydney. They will answer every question you have. More information on Sydney Roof Rack is available here:

Monday, 16 October 2017

Barsnracks - Right Place To Choose Towbars For Your Vehicle In Sydney


A towbar is one of the great inventions that revolutionised the way we carried large loads. Let us see how and why Bars-n-racks is the right place to choose towbars for your vehicle in Sydney. Read on.

A towbar is not a recent invention. In fact, it has been around for thousands of years and was most likely invented around the time humans invented the animal powered carts including war chariots. Back then, towbars were used to attach large and heavy objects including carriages and cannons to animal harness. They had even invented manually controlled brakes for the rear wheels. These brakes were essential especially when going downhill or stopping while going uphill. The human ingenuity it seems had no limits.

Today, while the purpose of the towbar remains the same, it's design and materials used has undergone a sea-change. While in days gone past it took several people to attach a towbar to a carriage or gun-cart, today the vehicle owner can all on his own, attach a towbar to his vehicle.

Towbars today have become light-weight but hundred times stronger than when they were first invented. In fact, any tradesman or holiday enthusiast will confirm that tow bars are very convenient and Bars-n-racks is the right place to choose towbars for your vehicle in Sydney.

From motor home to tradesman dollies and carriages and of course, towing vehicles, the towbar has proved to be a highly versatile tool of the modern age. At Bars-n-racks you will see several towing equipment options to suit any trade or holiday requirement. Bars-n-racks also has highly knowledgeable and experienced staff to help you make the right choice for your vehicle and towing requirement.

Some of the towbar options you will see include Rigid A-frame Tow Bars, Self-aligning Car-mounted Tow Bars, Self-aligning Motor home-mounted Tow Bars and so forth. Each has a specific advantage and purpose.

The Rigid A-frame Tow Bars for example, pulls the car (or carriage) behind the lead vehicle on all 4 wheels of the car being towed. Attaching and detaching the car (or carriage) takes just a minute and the towbar itself when not in use, can be stored away. All of these tow bars have one piece attached to the lead vehicle and one piece attached to the unit being towed.

The Self-aligning Car-mounted 4WD Tow Bars is a popular piece of equipment to all owners having a RV. Having an extra vehicle attached to the RV, allows the RV owner to park the RV at a camping site while still having a more convenient form of transportation to view the local sights and shop for supplies.

Then there's the Self-aligning Motor home-mounted Tow Bars which have a number of advantages over other types of towing equipment. The Self-aligning Motor home-mounted Tow Bar has all of the benefits and ease of use of a car-mounted self-aligning tow bar without the drawbacks. Also, when not in use it can be securely folded and locked to the RV's hitch.

You can see all Sydney Roof Rack at Bars-n-racks – the right place to choose towbars for your vehicle in Sydney.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Bars N Racks Provides A Vehicle Fitouts To Maximise Vehicle Storage Space

Vehicle Fitouts

For tradesmen using a truck, minivan or even SUV, a vehicle fitout is a must to maximise vehicle storage space and the best place to visit in all of Australia for such a vehicle fitout is Bars-n-racks at Sydney (and their affiliates).

Even amongst tradesmen who provide identical services, the models and type of tools they use differ and so does the way they store their tools. Each vehicle fitout therefore needs to be customised to their exacting needs and trade requirements. At Bars-n-racks you get uniquely designed, put together and installed vehicle fit outs, including drawers, shelving and cargo barriers for your tradesman vehicle. Irrespective of where you stay, you can visit any Bars-n-racks affiliate in Australia and get your vehicle outfitted because Bars-n-racks provide the best vehicle fit outs to maximise your vehicle storage space.

Traditional material was heavy, added tremendous weight to the vehicle to the extent that in many cases, the vehicle suspension system had to be tweaked. Today Bars-n-racks uses super light aluminium and carbon fibre combination to provide strength and versatility in design. Today Bars-n-racks can actually add more drawers and compartments because the material they use are thinner and occupy less space themselves. Ultimately, lighter weight material translates to better fuel economy and lesser wear and tear i.e. lesser fuel, lesser downtime and therefore, better profits for your business.

Gone too are the days when a vehicle would have to 'sit' for several days / weeks at the garage while the fitout was done. Today, the engineering and design team at Bars-n-racks do a 3-D modelling of the interior of your vehicle. The digital design displays the exact location of each and every compartment and also each and every location of every nut, bolt and drill hole. Once the images are captured digitally, the vehicle need no longer sit in the garage. You can go about your business (so there is no loss of revenue to the tradesman) while the engineering and design team at Bars-n-racks goes about designing the fitout for your vehicle. Once the design is ready (as per specifications and directions provided by the tradesman himself) and approved by the tradesman, the assembly work begins. Only after the entire unit has been assembled / manufactured will the tradesman be asked to bring the vehicle back to the 4X4 Tow Bars garage for actual fitment.

The entire unit is modular so fitting is a breeze. By end of day the entire fitment is completed and your vehicle replete with new storage is ready. Everything is smooth and noise free. Even on rough roads the tradesmen will not hear any rattling like they used to in the past. Drawers and storage units can be fitted with rubber or plastic to dampen noise of tools moving around. Optionally drawers and storage units can be outfitted with Snap-On, snap-off brackets to hold tools down. No more rattling period! Without doubt, Bars-n-racks ( provide the best Vehicle Fitouts to maximise vehicle storage space.