Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Bars N Racks Can Provide Great Equipment That Will Add Increased Functionality

Tradesman Fitouts

Equipment to Suit Any Lifestyle

If you are looking for equipment or accessories for your station wagon, sedan, 4-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive vehicle, Bars N Racks has all the quality products that you will ever need. They are your one-stop shop in the Sydney area for any accessories or equipment needed to make your vehicle a force to be reckoned with. Bars N Racks true outdoes themselves in the quality of their products as well as how they treat their customers.

Amazing Services Provided:

• Roof Racks
• Tow Bars
• 4WD Gear
• Bike Carriers
• Tradesman Fit Outs
• Caravan Towing Solutions
• Vehicle Fit Out

Roof Racks

Bars N Racks provides a wide selection of roof racks from the highest quality manufacturers. Whether you are looking for a roof rack, roof carrying system, or roof storage system, you are sure to find a product to meet every need. Some of the brands that are carried by Bars N Racks are:

• Rhino-Rack
• Whispbar
• Thule
• Rola

Tow Bars

Bars N Racks is also known for its many different types of tow bars and various other accessories and equipment. They are an accredited Hayman Reese reseller who provides high quality towing systems, weight distribution systems, tow bars, and many other accessories and products. Whether you are looking for standard tow bars or a standard hitch cover, Bars N Racks has you and your vehicle covered.

4WD Equipment

You will have the opportunity to add some of the best quality 4WD equipment to your vehicle when you shop at Bars N Racks. Here is just some of the equipment that you will find:

• Bull Bars
• Fiberglass Canopies
• Consoles
• Compressors
• Fuel Tanks
Dual Battery Systems
• Driving Lights

Every piece of equipment that you purchase is guaranteed to be long-lasting, durable, and ready for the road.

Bike Carriers

You can take your bike with you on your next adventure with bike carriers from Bars N Racks. They carry a wide selection of different bike carriers to fit any vehicle regardless of size. You will find roof-mounted bike carriers, rear-mounted bike carriers, and hitch-mounted bike carriers of all brands and sizes. No matter where on your car you would like to carry your bike, you will find the best options at Bars N Racks in Sydney. They are durable and guaranteed to last many trips and adventures to come.

Equipment for Your Next Adventure

If you are headed out on the road and are looking for the best accessories for your trip, look no further than Bars N Racks. Take everything that you need with you on your trip to ensure you have the best time possible and the best equipment possible.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Whispbar Rack System Features and Benefits

Whispbar Rack System

There are various kinds of roof rack systems. These are extremely useful to carry items on the top of either vans, cars or even SUVs. These can be used on both personal as well as commercial vehicles. They have different designs, there are different sizes and based on the kind of items likely to be carried, these can be installed on the vehicle. These roof racks either can be installed permanently or there could be changeable ones which have a locking mechanism in place.

However, when these systems are installed, there is always a tradeoff. The style is always compromised for utility. Another disadvantage in most roof rack systems is that when they are installed, the sunroof cannot be used. The crossbars tend to whistle or howl based on the speed of the speed the vehicle is being driven. These are also difficult to use especially when trying to use it to secure a kayak or other items which are equally huge.

Whispbar rack systems are created after years of study and research and observing the various disadvantages that these roof rack systems generally have. These are very different to most car racks.

a) They are the quietest of all car rack systems which are available,
b) They appear like seamless extensions of the vehicle
c) These have more functionality than most car racks
d) They do not use the square or round bars which other car rack systems use – in fact, they use aerodynamic Standard Tow Bars. These crossbars are shaped round in the front and it tapers towards the back – these have the same shape as airplane wings.
e) These whispbar rack systems are not one size fits all – these are sold with fit kits and they have specific kits for each model and car manufacturer.
f) As these whispbars are aerodynamically designed, the wind resistance is decreased. It reduces drag up to 70% and the noise interference to almost 0.
g) As there is a low drag, the fuel mileage is increased and carbon emissions are decreased. Thus, it helps the owner of the car to reduce his or her carbon footprint.
h) These also offer aesthetics in addition to this great performance.
i) The whispbar offers ease of installation as well as mounting and removal.

These are a convenient way to carry items too huge to be contained inside the vehicle. These suit all owners and all makes of cars even though they may be more expensive than other Stylish Roof Racks – yet for the benefits which will be gained over the long run, this is a small price to pay. This is useful and tasteful and the owner will never regret installing these on his or her vehicle.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

4X4 Fitouts Protection Equipment Provides Extra Insurance for Your Vehicle

Vehicle Fitout

There are various kinds of 4x4 accessories and these can be fitted to the 4WD. These accessories serve a number of purposes and suit various requirements.

Most of these fitouts are removable, components are compact and use the space efficiently. The equipment is also secure in it.

These fitouts include all sorts of requirements either for work or for long trips being undertaken. Some of the accessories for 4X4 Fitouts Sydney include:

Bull bars – these have parking sensors, collision avoidance systems, and adaptive cruise controls. They also can have CB antennas and driving lights fixed on them.

Driving lights – these help during times of low visibility and night driving

Roof Rack – these have the advantage of carrying more than what can be accommodated in the vehicle. It frees up space in the vehicle for extra comfort. There are soft luggage racks and roller drawers that can be lockable, so that not only can more goods be carried but their safety is ensured as well. There are cargo barriers and more.

Rear end protection equipment protects the rear quarters of the vehicle, the bumper bars and more. This is needed when traversing through rough terrain. This consists of the rear bar and the rear bar with wheel carrier, the rear step Standard Tow Bars or the summit tow bars.

Dual battery systems - these protect the starting battery of the vehicle and also is an auxiliary power supply so that caravans, camp lighting, and fridges can be powered up.

Reverse camera – this also is used not only for reversing but one can keep the rear window vision when there are goods which are loaded, as this gives an additional sense of security to the owner, knowing that the items are safe and not being pilfered or tampered with.

Frontal protection is needed against strikes by animals and it also needs to provide a good base for mounting of accessories such as CB antennas, winches, and driving lights. There are nudge bars, bull bars and even air bag compatible kind of bull bars.

Side protection is needed in terms of shields to the lower panels from debris and rocks. This is usually when the vehicle is driven over remote areas. There are side rails and protection steps, these also are compatible with side air bags. The side rails have steel tread plates. And the summit side protection is done by steel tubing and aluminum tread plates. This prevents the vehicle from being damaged when it is off the road. The bull bar is connected to the side rails by nylon cover sleeves.

Thus with frontal, side, top and rear protection, the vehicle is safe for all terrains and all situations.