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Thule Roof Racks - Unrivaled Levels of Safety and Durability with The Perfect Fit

Thule Roof Racks


For seventy-five years, Thule has been a global leader in creating products that let active people soundly and stylishly transport their gear and belongings. Whether they are experienced professionals with a room full of medals and trophies or beginners just starting off on their adventures, Thule provides the perfect rack.

Thule Roof Racks

A roof rack, simply put, is a framework for transporting belongings on the roof of your vehicle. A roof rack can carry items that are too large and bulky to fit in a vehicle. It can also carry what would normally take up passenger room in your vehicle and let you take more friends and relatives along with you on your journeys.

Here are some examples of what can carry:

• Luggage (within separately purchased bags or cargo boxes)
• Camping equipment
• Bicycles
• Snowboards
• Skis
• Kayaks
• Canoes

Perfect Fit

A roof rack is usually mounted onto a set of bars that run across the roof of a vehicle. Several wagons and some SUVs come standard with such bars on their roof. Most cars, however, have no such bars on their roof. Thule has designed a unique fit process that utilizes the specifications of nearly every vehicle make and model and takes into account whether it has a set of bars and other factors. You, therefore, receive a fit kit containing everything you need to perfectly a rack atop whatever vehicle you drive.

Vehicles without bars receive three-step setup system that includes three pieces of equipment. Vehicles that have bars across their roof receive a two-set setup system that includes two pieces of equipment.

Safety and Durability

Fun and good looks are important, of course, and Thule’s racks deliver, but safety is more important and remains Thule’s prime concern. Thule, therefore, has three Quality Test Centres throughout the globe that subjects its roof racks though a range of intense testing that surpasses industry standards.

Bars N Racks

Bars N Racks, naturally, wants everyone to have a good life, but it really wants them to have a great time experiencing it with the gear and equipment that make it all fun. And, to do that, they need roof racks.

It is the primary dealer for Thule Roof Racks, as well as for all other brand roof racks, tow and bars, as well as, caravan, 4WD Accessories Sydney, RV and van accessories. It also provides a wide range of van and UTE accessories.

Bars N Racks offers Thule’s complete rack system, including the following specially designed models:

• water sport carriers
• bike, ski and water sport carriers
• standard and titan carrier basket
• roof boxes
• titan carriers (for carting large loads)
• Lapland carrier basket and load net amounts
• ladder carriers
• strap winch and load-stop

Once you install a Thule Roof Racks Sydney, you’ll be on your way to immediate fun.

Bars N Racks is located in North Sydney. Call, visit, or see its website for a quote today!

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